Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, Natural Healthcare
Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, Natural Healthcare
Support, answers and results for your complex health concerns.
Support, answers and results for your complex health concerns.

About Sage Integrative Health Center

Sage Integrative Health Center was founded by Functional Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist Wendy Romig, with the mission of helping people live healthier, happier lives. Sage offers a customized, natural approach to helping people overcome illness using a blend of herbal treatments, wellness counseling and nutritional guidance. The backbone of all therapies offered draw from ancient healing traditions and modern, evidence-based science. With this holistic blend, we focus our therapies on the individual, NOT the condition.

About the Founder:

Wendy Romig, MBA, MS, CNS, LDN

Owner, Chief Clinician

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (expected 2019)


Having grown up in a rural farming family, I have always felt a strong connection to more natural ways of life. Although I received degrees in business early on, I have had an intense interest in natural health, nutrition and wellness counseling for more than 20 years.  Using herbal medicine in my own life to rebuild an immune system damaged by over-medication with anti-biotics as a child into early adulthood, I discovered a natural approach to health and wellness. My years of studying holistic health along with my passion for empowering people to embrace a more natural path toward healing illness and achieving optimal health have enabled me to tap into the wisdom of ancient healing traditions while utilizing modern, evidence-based science. 

In 2011, I launched Sage Integrative Health Center with the goal of helping people live healthier, happier lives using herbal medicine, nutrition and wellness coaching. Prior to opening this practice, I worked in the field of advertising and marketing for nearly 15 years both in business and as an Adjunct Faculty member at Temple University.     


My Philosopies


To me, nutrition and healing aren't about regurgitating protocols or placing 'shoulds' on people, it's about getting to our core beliefs and taking time to better understand why we make the decisions we make, not just with food, but with our lives. We are complex beings with a wide range of past experiences, perspectives and beliefs. Attempting to inflict one way of "healthy" eating on someone is not respectful of their uniqueness and their story. 

My approach as a clinician and in life is one of connection to our own ability to make solid decisions on our own when we are empowered to go within and hear that deep, wise voice from within. Our bodies and our spirits know exactly what is best for us from the foods we put on our plate to the decisions we make day in and day out. My philosophy of nutrition, teaching and life all stem from a very similar place which draws on ancient wisdom. Native American traditions, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese Medicine and other holistic modalities teach us not to separate the mind, body and spirit; when are minimized to organs or organ systems, we become a heart, a pancreas, a liver instead of a whole being who is dynamic, multidimensional and comprised of an interconnected network. It is in approaching illness and imbalances from a space of wholeness and empowerment, that change really begins, not just on one's plate, but in their mind. 


Integrative Health Education

Maryland University of Integrative Health

- Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (expected 5/2019)

- MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health


Center for Herbal Studies - Completed 4 years of study under David Winston RH (AHG)


Other Education

The George Washington University - Bachelor of Business Administration

Johns Hopkins University - Master of Business Administration



Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN)

ServSafe - Food Safety Manager Training



538 Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119

(in Mt. Airy diagonal from Weaver's Way Co-op)

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