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Stefanie Haris, DCN, MS ( she/her/hers)                          

Doctor of Clincal Nutrition


I am a graduate of Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition.  I chose to switch to the holistic path of integrative nutrition after a decade of working in the biotechnology industry. Along with my doctorate, I have BS in Biology from Temple University and my MS in Biomedical Sciences from Thomas Jefferson University. I am passionately drawn to the integrative nutrition area because I witnessed how changes in diet and lifestyle helped to save my parents’ lives and have worked to improve my own health and wellness. 


I grew up in a household that celebrated foods and gathering around the table to enjoy a meal. I love exploring foods from around the world and understanding its role in diverse cultures. I believe that a healthy and intuitive relationship with food and our own body is key to determining one’s best life.  I feel that we can have an influential role in healing ourselves, and I look forward to being a healing partner with clients during their journey. Through my schooling I have come to appreciate a personalized, holistic, and natural approach through the lens of evidence-based medicine. 


I am an ally to LGBTQ+ and BIPOC persons and recognize my numerous privileges; being a white, cis-hetero, woman, who is straight size, able-bodied and neurotypical, from an upper middle-class upbringing with access to higher education and is a U.S. born native English speaker. I respect all individuals and will work to understand one’s background to best support their personal goals.


I currently live in Philadelphia, with my partner and our sassy and silly toddler and our two cats Maceo and Mary-Kate. As a family we like to explore the various playgrounds, parks, and farmer’s markets in the area. I have been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and enjoy finding new and challenging ways to move my body. I love spending time with my family and friends and spending time at the Jersey shore.



Maryland University of Integrative Health

- Doctor of Clinical Nutrition


Thomas Jefferson University

- MS, Biomedical Sciences


Temple University

- Bachelor of Science, Biology


Dr. BB Beba, DCN, CNS

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

I have been there: ignorant for healthy choices or wellness, valued practicality over nutrient quality, had a hectic life with lots of stress, suffered many chronic conditions (mostly respiratory, digestive & headaches) and relied heavily on medication.


This was until I became a mom and started to care more for my little one, myself and all! Throughout my health coaching, masters and doctorate education, I not only studied how foods can impact our health and life quality but at the same time experienced these changes in my own life. From 6+ antibiotic usage per year, constant sickness, bloating and brain fog in earlier ages, I went to my healthiest in my 40s.


I'm BB Burcu Beba, ex-corporate manager, mom of 2, a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. I can help you with nutritional, lifestyle and complementary strategies to tackle chronic health conditions and reach your health goals.


Wellness is a journey well worth the effort. And with the correct guide, you'd be on the path to the most amazing self-discoveries and your most vibrant self.



Maryland Unversity of Integrative Health

-Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Wendy Romig, DCN, MS, CNS (she/her/hers)

 Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Director

*(not currently accepting new patients)

Having grown up in a rural farming family, I have always felt a strong connection to more natural ways of life. Although I received degrees in business early on, I have had an intense interest in natural health and nutrition for more than 20 years.  Using herbal medicine in my own life to rebuild an immune system damaged by over-medication with anti-biotics as a child into early adulthood, I discovered a natural approach to health and wellness. My years of studying holistic health along with my passion for empowering people to embrace a more natural path toward healing illness and achieving optimal health have enabled me to utilize wisdom of ancient healing traditions along with modern, evidence-based science. 


In 2011, I launched Sage Integrative Health Center with the goal of helping people live healthier, happier lives using a functional medicine approach. Prior to opening Sage Integrative Health, I worked in the field of advertising and marketing for nearly 15 years both in business and as an Adjunct Faculty member at Temple University.


My clinical specialties are digestive disorders, women's health issues, endocrine imbalances and autoimmune conditions.    



Maryland University of Integrative Health

- Doctor of Clinical Nutrition 

- Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health


Center for Herbal Studies

- Completed 4 years of studies under David Winston RH (AHG)


Johns Hopkins University

- Master of Business Administration


The George Washington University

- Bachelor of Business Administration


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