The Gut-Brain Solution: 9-Part Online Masterclass


Join Dr. Wendy Romig and other talented practitioners for this amazing offering!


-Natural ways to decrease anxiety and depression
-The link between the gut and cognitive function
-Foods and nutrients essential for optimal gut-brain function

Join me online for this amazing offering!



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Online Plant-based Nutrition Course (self study)



Thousands of people around the world are making the switch to a plant-based diet due to its health, social and environmental benefits. As with any dietary choice, balanced nutrition is essential. Eating a plant-based diet offers countless benefits to one’s body and mind, however, there are some common nutritional imbalances to watch out for which can lead to anaemia, protein deficiencies, unintended weight loss, poor immunity, brain fog, and digestive problems.


This course will offer beginner and veteran vegetarians/vegans alike the tools required for thriving on a plant-based diet.


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