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Functional Nutrition

Nutrition is the key to health...AND to illness. Modern science is beginning to link countless conditions to dietary excesses and deficiencies. At Sage, we seek to understand and identify the root cause of disease and health imbalances. Our clinical focus is to address underlying imbalances in order to bring the body back to optimum health and out of the dis-eased state using food, herbal medicine and life-style modifications. While some practitioners rely heavily on supplements, we are very mimimalist and targeted with supplement recommendations.

Herbal Medicine

Plants offer tremendous healing powers and when used thoughtfully by a skilled practitioner, can help the body recover from illness, both acute and chronic. At Sage, we may recommend herbal medicine as part of the healing intervention. We offer customized herbal remedies for each unique condition and carefully cross-reference each herb with medications and contraindications for your safety.

Plant-based Nutrition

While we work with all dietary preferences, we have a sub-specialty in plant-based diets. If you wish to transition to plant-based eating or if you are already a vegetarian/vegan and need support with your health concerns, we'll ensure you are getting balanced nutrition. Explore our recipes page for delicious vegan, gluten free ideas.

Integrative Weight Loss

Weight gain is a common complaint in our society, yet despite so many weight loss programs, diets and supplements, most people still struggle to remove the excess pounds. At Sage Integrative Health, we use a functional approach to weight loss by working to determine the underlying imbalances that contribute to weight problems. When you sign up for our Integrative Weight Loss program, you'll receive a health assessment and plan that is customized to your body. Plus, you'll have ongoing support throughout the program via email.


Over 80% of clients who work with Sage start to see improvements within 3 weeks of their Initial Consultation. Learn More: schedule a 15-minute free call today.

Patient Success Stories


"I have been coming to Wendy for the past few months. I was feeling sick and no one was listening. Wendy listened to me, reviewed by blood test, and figured out what steps I needed to take to start feeling better. I feel tremendously better. I truly thank Wendy for actually listening to me. I just started to take my 13 year old daughter to her too. I highly recommend Wendy." L.R.


"I was very close to taking a pharmaceutical product and I wanted to make sure I had explored all natural solutions first. So I met with Wendy and I'm so glad I did! After a generous consultation, she was able to formulate an herbal tincture that was specific to my health needs. I noticed an improvement within days, and I've been taking the tincture for several months now. I am so thankful for Wendy's help!" D.V.


"Wendy at the Sage Integrative Health Center has been so helpful to me and my journey of wellness!  She is super smart while at the same time calm and focused on you as an individual.  I have a herbal tincture from Sage that has helped me get my digestive system back on track and help with pain I was experiencing.  I have also used Wendy for nutritional counseling, acute issues such as seasonal allergies and guided meditation.  I would recommend Wendy and all of the services she provides at Sage Integrative Health Center.  She is kind and knowledgeable and I respect her advice and care." S.N.


"Wendy is just amazing! She's helped me so much throughout the past few years. My sister and I both get herbal tinctures from her and they've helped tremendously. Would recommend her to anyone!" R.S.



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