Wendy Romig, DCN, MS, CNS (she/her/hers)

 Owner, Clinical Director, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

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Having grown up in a rural farming family, I have always felt a strong connection to more natural ways of life. Although I received degrees in business early on, I have had an intense interest in natural health and nutrition since my teens.  Using herbal medicine in my own life to address poor immunity and GI imbalances, I discovered a natural approach to health and wellness. My years of studying holistic health along with my passion for empowering people to embrace a more natural path toward healing illness and achieving optimal health have enabled me to utilize wisdom of ancient healing traditions along with modern, evidence-based science. 


In 2011, I launched Sage Integrative Health Center with the goal of helping people live healthier, happier lives using a functional medicine approach. I now focus my time and energy on empowering the amazing practitioners at Sage while expanding our reach to those in need of functional nutrition care. 



Maryland University of Integrative Health

- Doctor of Clinical Nutrition 

- Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health


Center for Herbal Studies

- Completed 4 years of studies under David Winston RH (AHG)


Johns Hopkins University

- Master of Business Administration


The George Washington University

- Bachelor of Business Administration


Stefanie Haris, DCN, MS, CNS ( she/her/hers)             

Doctor of Clincal Nutrition


I am a graduate of Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition.  I chose to switch to the holistic path of integrative nutrition after a decade of working in the biotechnology industry. Along with my doctorate, I have BS in Biology from Temple University and my MS in Biomedical Sciences from Thomas Jefferson University. I am passionately drawn to the integrative nutrition area because I witnessed how changes in diet and lifestyle helped to save my parents’ lives and have worked to improve my own health and wellness. 


I grew up in a household that celebrated foods and gathering around the table to enjoy a meal. I love exploring foods from around the world and understanding its role in diverse cultures. I believe that a healthy and intuitive relationship with food and our own body is key to determining one’s best life.  I feel that we can have an influential role in healing ourselves, and I look forward to being a healing partner with clients during their journey. Through my schooling I have come to appreciate a personalized, holistic, and natural approach through the lens of evidence-based medicine. 


I am an ally to LGBTQ+ and BIPOC persons and recognize my numerous privileges; being a white, cis-hetero, woman, who is straight size, able-bodied and neurotypical, from an upper middle-class upbringing with access to higher education and is a U.S. born native English speaker. I respect all individuals and will work to understand one’s background to best support their personal goals.


I currently live in Philadelphia, with my partner and our sassy and silly toddler and our two cats Maceo and Mary-Kate. As a family we like to explore the various playgrounds, parks, and farmer’s markets in the area. I have been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and enjoy finding new and challenging ways to move my body. I love spending time with my family and friends and spending time at the Jersey shore.



Maryland University of Integrative Health

- Doctor of Clinical Nutrition


Thomas Jefferson University

- MS, Biomedical Sciences


Temple University

- Bachelor of Science, Biology


BB Beba, DCN, CNS (she/her/hers)

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

My path to wellness wasn't an easy one. Early on, I was ignorant of healthy choices or wellness, valuing practicality over nutrient quality, living a hectic life with lots of stress, suffering many chronic conditions (mostly respiratory, digestive & headaches) and relying heavily on medication.


This was until I became a mom and realized the gift of caring for my little one, myself and all! Throughout my health coaching, masters and doctorate education, I not only studied how foods can impact our health and life quality but at the same time experienced these changes in my own life. From 6+ antibiotic rounds per year, constant sickness, bloating and brain fog in my 20s/30s, I discovered my healthiest self in my 40s.


I'm BB Burcu Beba, ex-corporate manager, mom of 2, a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. I can help you with nutritional, lifestyle and complementary strategies to tackle chronic health conditions and reach your health goals.


Wellness is a journey that is worth the effort. And with the correct guide, you can be on the path to the most amazing self-discoveries and your most vibrant self.



Maryland Unversity of Integrative Health

-Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

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