Dr. BB Beba

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (she/her)

My path to wellness wasn't an easy one. Early on, I was ignorant of healthy choices or wellness, valuing practicality over nutrient quality, living a hectic life with lots of stress, suffering many chronic conditions (mostly respiratory, digestive & headaches) and relying heavily on medication.


This was until I became a mom and realized the gift of caring for my little one, myself and all! Throughout my health coaching, masters and doctorate education, I not only studied how foods can impact our health and life quality but at the same time experienced these changes in my own life. From 6+ antibiotic rounds per year, constant sickness, bloating and brain fog in my 20s/30s, I discovered my healthiest self in my 40s.


I'm BB Burcu Beba, ex-corporate manager, mom of 2, a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. I can help you with nutritional, lifestyle and complementary strategies to tackle chronic health conditions and reach your health goals.


Wellness is a journey that is worth the effort. And with the correct guide, you can be on the path to the most amazing self-discoveries and your most vibrant self.




  • Gut health
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Chronic illness
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Teen health
  • Diabetes/blood sugar imbalances


Maryland Unversity of Integrative Health

  • Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
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