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Phone/Skype visites are available for those located outside of the Philadelphia region. 

Introductory Visit


  • Ways we can help you achieve your health goals to get you on a clear path to wellness
  • Nutritional strategies you can begin implementing right away
  • The medicinal powers of food and herbs to address, and even reverse chronic conditions

If you and your practitioner decide to work together, you can apply the Introductory Visit fee to any Clinical Care Program.


Pricing: $50 for 30 minute consultation which can be applied to any of the Clinical Care Programs (see below).

Wellness Counseling

Wellness counseling is ideal for:

  • Basic nutritional questions 
  • Counseling for new dietary changes such as vegetarian/vegan
  • Lifestyle support 

**Does not include a full health assessment. If your practitioner feels that your situation is more complex, she may recommend that you enter into a Clinical Care Program.


Cost: $130 per 1-hour appointment

Clinical Care Programs

Clinical Care Programs are ideal for:

  • Chronic conditions (autoimmune, diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disorders, hormonal imbalances, etc.)
  • Digestive imbalances
  • Cancer


***See below for rates and descriptions of each program.

Functional Weight Loss Program

Functional Weight Loss Programs are ideal for:

  • Difficulties losing weight
  • Breaking away from yo-yo dieting
  • Long-term weight loss goals


Cost: $525 for 3 1-hour private sessions, email support and 15% discount on supplements 

Clinical Care Programs

*Follow-up visits are non-transferrable and expire after 2 years. 

Basic Plan   


  • Initial Consultation
    (90 minute visit)
  • 1 follow-up visit
  • 1 15-minute phone call
  • Full treatment plan
  • Email support
  • 20% discount on supplements


Price: $435

Intensive Care Plan


  • Initial Consultation
    (90 minute visit)
  • 3 follow-up visits
  • 3 15-minute phone calls
  • Full treatment plan
  • Email support
  • 25% discount on supplements


Price: $655

Long-term Plan


  • Initial Consultation
    (90 minute visit)
  • 7 follow-up visits
  • 7 15-minute phone calls
  • Full treatment plan
  • Email support
  • 30% discount on supplements


Price: $1,095

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