Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, Natural Healthcare
Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, Natural Healthcare
"Wendy is dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services!" S.W.
"Wendy is dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services!" S.W.

Services Overview

Sage Integrative Health Center offers a wide range of services including:

  • Clinical consultations
  • Nutrition and wellness classes
  • Cooking classes
  • In-home sessions
  • Customized grocery store tours

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Clinical Consultations

(Appointments available via phone and Skype to those living outside of the Philadelphia region.)


If you are a new clinical client, we will begin with a full assement of your conditions, lifestyle and constitution, creating an essential foundation for thorough and effective care. During your Initial Consultation, you will receive a detailed plan for your health concerns as well as a strategy for mapping your progress and symptoms (specifics for each appointment type are outlined below). This also provides a solid basis for a long and trusting client/practitioner relationship, as Sage clients often will return over the years for check-ups, new concerns and classes.


Insurance: While we do not accept insurance directly, many plans cover medical nutritional therapy (MNT), therefore you may be able to get reimbursed after the fact or use your Health Savings Account (HSA) for payment. 


Payment Options: We accept cash, credit cards, checks and HSA payments. 

Clinical Services - Call for Current Rates
Introductory Visit - 45 minutes

Sage Clinical Care Package - Basic Plan

(includes: initial consultation, (1) follow-up visit, (1) 15-minute phone call)

Sage Clinical Care Package - Intensive Care

(includes: initial consultation, (3) follow-up visits, (2) 15-minute phone calls)

Wellness Counseling (1-hour)
Follow-up Visit (1-hour)
15-minute phone / email consultations


Schedule your Initial Consultation online.

Introductory Visit

The introductory visit in an opportunity for you to meet with your practitioner and discuss your health concerns. At this appointment, you will learn about the strategies we will use to reach your goals and improve your overall quality of life, long-term. If you and your practitioner decide to work together, you can apply the Introductory Visit fee to any other package or additional service offered at Sage (not including group classes).  


Initial Consultation

The Initiation Consultation at Sage is like no other that you will experience in healthcare. This 2-hour appointment sets the foundation for working together on your long-term health for years to come and provides your practitioner with an essential understanding of YOU. You will not be seen as symptoms or as a diagnosis, you practitioner will take thoughtful time to learn about the uniqueness of YOU that deserves a caring and specialized approach to healing.


- 2 hour appointment

- In depth health assessment and health history

- Review of 5 day diet journal

- Question and answers

- Detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan - A 3-4 page plan emailed to you after your appointment which includes: an assessment of your recent lab work, discussion of nutrient depletions from your current medications, a complete nutrition and lifestyle plan to address your condition and a full meal plan. 

Wellness Counseling

Wellness counseling gives you the support you need to begin making important changes and adjustments to your health. In the safe and supportive environment, you will be seen by a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach who will guide you through the difficult challenges you face on the road to good health. 


Follow-up Visits

- 1 hour follow-up appointment to assess progress and make additional adjustments

- Reivew of 5 day diet journal

- Question and answers


Phone and Email Communications

 All clients have access to their practitioner via phone and email as needed between appointments. Please schedule all phone calls online via the Sage schedule.


Schedule your Initial Consultation online.


Please call (215) 839-3950 to discuss your condition in more depth.

Types of Services Included in Clinical Sessions:


Nutritional counseling

Herbal Remedies

Wellness Coaching

Additional Services

In-home and On-site Services - Call for Current Rates

Healthy Cooking Consultation (in-home)

-within 15 mile radius of Sage office (2 hour appointment)

Grocery Store Visit (60 minute appointment)

Healthy Family Consultation (in-home)

-within 15 mile radius of Sage office (90 minute appointment)

Healthy Cooking Classes (in-home)

Are you interested in learning how to cook new and healthy recipes? Do you find your kitchen overwhelming and not well organized for food prep? Sage is now offering in-home cooking classes taught by Wendy Romig, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, who brings years of experience teaching cooking classes along with additional training with professional chefs to help turn your kitchen into your very own delicious and nutritious cafe. All recipes that are taught are extremely simple and can be done in under 45 minutes.  


Grocery Store Visits

When making changes to your nutrition, it also means shopping differently. Schedule a private grocery store visit to your local store with a Clinical Nutritionist who can guide you through the process of organizing your shopping list, picking the best produce and avoiding common grocery store pitfalls. Plus, you'll receive loads of tips for shopping on a budget.


Healthy Family Consultations

When making a healthier choices for your life, having family support is critical. If your family is considering making healthier changes, you can schedule an in-home nutritional consultation. At this consultation, you and your family will have an open space to discuss your health concerns and come up with common goals for improving your health. You will be visited by a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist who will provide insights and guidance in your journey to wellness.

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